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Ambergardens is a combination Nursery and “Market Farm” in Kitsap County founded in 2000, after I admitted my hobby and passion for growing things had simply gotten out of control. I am eclectic by nature and so is the farm.

My amazing husband Gene helps out as Tech Guy, Mighty Mechanic, Builder of Things, Weed Warrior and more!

Ambers is my mother's Maiden name and also my middle name. The farms name is really a tribute to my grandmother Ambers. She may have been the best cook of all time and had a wonderful backyard garden with chickens and veggies of all kinds. As a kid, I remember it was magic to see her get dinner from the back yard. I don’t know if it is in my genes, but I find myself compelled to grow things, especially edible plants, because I too love to cook (and eat)!

As a Kitsap County Master Gardener and Master Composter, I believe in and follow sustainable and organic farming principles and methods; using drip irrigation, organic fertilizers, compost and beneficials to foster biodiversity and a healthy habitat. Synthetic pesticides and herbicides have never and will never be used.

Thank you for supporting local farmers!

Laura Ambers Pittman-Hewitt


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