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We do a little bit of a lot of things so if you don't see what you want here, call or email! (Prices shown are subject to change at any time.)

You can buy from us at the Saturday Port Orchard Farmers Market (pofarmersmarket.org), directly off our farm by appointment, or by mail order. We accept credit and debit cards for payment too! 


Feel free to print it or send it off to a friend.

Download the pdf


Lists of Ambergardens plants and crops and growing information too.

Plants are grown in organic potting soils with organic fertilizers. Many are in limited supply and only available seasonally. For example, we grow a number of lettuces, but sometimes mix them all together and certainly don't have them all, all the time.

Our prices are very competitive and discounts are given for larger orders.

Having trouble finding a plant? Let us know, maybe we can grow it for you!

****Fruit and Veggie Plants 2016 pdf file**** still good for 2018

Prices include tax and are typically: $1 or $2 for 2" pots; $3 for 3.5" pots; $2 or $3 for "small 4 cell pony paks" (usually lettuces)and $3 to $5 for "large deep 6 cell pony paks". A few bigger plants might be a bit more. (See also separate Blueberry, Garlic and Tomato pdfs.)

Download the pdf

****Fruit and Veggie Plants 2016 Excel file****still good for 2018

Sortable and searchable version of the pdf.

Download the Excel file


Growing info and Ambergardens varieties. Prices are $13 for 1 gallon 1-2 year old plant, $20 for 2-3 gallon 3-4 year old plant, $35 for 4 year old plant in a 4-5 gallon size pot. Extremely limited availability this year.

Download the pdf


Growing info and our varieties. Bulbs cost $1.50 each or $10 a pound on average.

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We LOVE tomatoes! They are so good picked right off the vine and very worth growing. Take a look at Ambergardens Little Tomato Book, which includes details and photos of our 40+ varieties, as well as general growing tips for the Puget Sound area. Contact us to reserve yours!  Tomato plants are available for $5.00 including sales tax for a big plant in a 5.5" square pot. We also have some smaller plants in 3.5" pots (a lot of these are good for hanging baskets and small planters) this year for $3.

Download the pdf

****Herbs, Flowers, Ornamentals 2016 pdf file****still good for 2018

See also separate Lavender Guide. Most plants are grown in 3.5" square pots and cost $4. Some herb starts are in 2" pots or "pony paks" for $1 to $4, depending on the plant and the container. About the biggest size grown is a one gallon pot and prices vary on those from $4 on up.

Download the pdf

****Herbs, Flowers, Ornamentals 2016 Excel file****still good for 2018

Searchable and sortable version of the pdf.

Download the Excel file


A few years ago I started compiling all the info I'd accumulated about lavender and made my own little mini-guide. It includes general growing and harvesting information, specific plant variety info to help you choose the best varieties for your garden, photos, and ways to use Lavender. This year we mostly have Hidcote, Munstead, Spanish and Grosso varieties. Most of our plants are in 3.5" pots for $5 each, some are in 5.5" square pots and some in gallons, for $6-$7 on average.

Download the pdf


Here is a price list of all farm made products that aren't plants or produce. We use natural and organic ingredients and herbs grown on our farm whenever possible. All are made by Laura using her own formulas. All ingredients are listed on the label and unlike many store bought products, you'll actually recognize them. We can ship our products anywhere in the US.

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